Elbov Kulmonov (Uzbekistan)

Elbov Kulmonov (Uzbekistan)
Elbov Kulmonov was born on 29 May, 1992 in Koson district, Kashkadarya region, Uzbekistan. His poems and stories were published in local and national newspapers. His poems veere published in a collection of “Ezgulik yolqini” in I lis poems were published in Uzbek Writer’s Anthology in India in 2013
and ‘*Katla-lntercontinental magazine in 2013.Now he is a correspondent of “Tarovat” newspaper. I-Ie is a tncmber of
“Astonishment” creative writing club.
My body made by from your soil.
I know some day I will die.
Some day my soul will get across my body,
So my soul is a temporal.
I will takc vou away with me,
lithen I dead your memory.
I will live in your land till this event,
I will remain in your soil.
Dreams, drcarns, white dreame,
You are a ray lighted my soul palace.
You appeal me to live,
You are an Antilopc in my heart.
I am trying to reach the dream’s mount,
Everyday, cvcry an hour with hope.
I admire my feelings to reach you,
I will gain a victory some day.

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