Escape / Poem by Shraddha S. Sahu



Poem by Shraddha S. Sahu


Incessant desires and rising ambition!
Never let me go out of their circumference
Just like a whirlpool, they entangle me
Along with the heart beats, they grow

Passing through the crisscrossed ways of the world
So many expectations lurking in many pairs of eyes
Shaking my motionless body with moving glances
Making me move my feet to accomplish dreams before the last sigh

Embarked with this burden I tread on a tedious path
I see the golden hue scattered on the bosom of sea
I hear the ebbs crushing the ego of the rocks
I smile on seeing the mischievous waves playing hide and seek

As silvery beams of moon peep through the dark veil
The shafts of light bring an everlasting glow
I close my lids as the soft gusts of wind cast a spell
I wish to stretch my limbs to touch the majestic rainbow

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