Zydi Morava – Albania (1946-2010) / Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola

 Zydi Morava – Albania
Zydi Morava was born in the village of Grace in Devoll, on March 14, 1946. He was interned from Tirana in the village of Yrshek, for political reasons. In 1978, for the same reasons, he was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. He served his sentence in the notorious prison of Spaç. After the overthrow of the communist dictatorship, he began to work for the creation of Independent Trade Unions. During these years he also worked as a journalist, constantly writing for “Sindikalisti” (trade unionist), “E vërteta” (The Truth), and “Republika” (Republic) newspapers. After 1991, he published many books, both in the genre of poetry and prose. Of his works, we can mention the novels “Hingëllimat e Shiut” (Neighings of rain), “E Zhdukura” (The Disappeared), “Burri i të dashurës sime” (My Girlfriend’s Husband), and “E veçanta e një dashurie” (The Exceptional of a Love-story). The latter novel was awarded the national “Silver Pen”, as the best novel of the year 2005. In the same year, Zydi Morava was elected president of the Writers and Artists League (LSHA), which he headed for almost two years. In 2006, Zydi Morava was decorated “Great Master” by the President of the Republic.
Knocked on doors that never opened
and to deaf ears I spoke.
The blind eyes showed me the road,
to the blind minds I talked.
My attire is a barbed wire,
both body and soul framed.
Live a time of insane-shire
descendants will be ashamed.
Ah, these butterflies, shuffling the Sun,
Gave to me some childhood days …
As I followed them in sight,
Saw you,
Dressed in Sun’s inlays.
I was covered by lilies’ rays
How old has got the willow
That once hid us under shadow
Off the eyes of many others,
How much it has gone dry!…
We do see each other’s eyes
And are now about to cry…
For days
I have not washed my hands for days.
I smell on them, once and again
your body’s fragrance has remained.
Leaf shaken by autumn,
With that outstanding elegance,
Reminds me of your outgoing …
Outgoing that drags my footmark,
O light, like an island in dark.
For mercy, we remained apart,
Two candles were burning alike,
like nightingales chirped from the distance,
Like two distant roses we withered
As we were about to bloom
At dawn frost on us brought the doom…
Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola
Korçë, March 14, 2022

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