My love story / Poem by Sunita Paul



Poem by Sunita Paul

My love story

If I were to write a love story
It would start and end with me
Because it’s all about how each time I let go off my love and set my soul free
From the schoolgirl with blushes and curls
As her life slowly started to unfurl
The story would not be an ordinary one
& I’m sure each reader would enjoy my life’s twists and turns
I bet they would be glued till the last page
But then they must understand each stage
More than pleasure there are pains
Each story ended bitterly though I tried to save, but in vain
Your heart may bleed if you read it all
How each time I broke and had a great fall
But then as a destiny’s child you must see me rise
As all my love stories end with a twisted surprise
One thing you can rest assured
My love story will never let you get bored
From Mills & Boon’s sensual romance to a Wuthering Heights’ essence
Each story would cast a spell in true sense
For they are written from a bruised heart with a bleeding pen
My love story certainly will be read time and again

©® Sunita

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