SILENCE / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
this bird-cage in muteness
how it looks like a bell
hanging in mellow light
I sit along the seaside
in the verandah of my
pensive thoughts
the failing rays of the sun
fall underground
to subterranean sorrows
far away they run amock
dangling arrows of skewed
minds make them run
helter skelter for shelter
as hungry mouths gobble
cries of wailing children
floating carcasses
rise from the depths of
dark subterranean sorrows
along lengthening shadows
of the night of sandy desiccation
till the finality of extinct hours
silence arrives like a blanket
after the explosions
and the day is done
as corpses sleep in hiding
dead secrets of
bleeding humanity—
@laksmisree banerjee
16th March 2022, Kolkata

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