BUD IN SILENCE / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
I have seen and felt this budding bloom of innocence
touched his florescence
from far and near
hidden in a divine veil
Often lifted with the winds of elysium
sometimes the gale
tsunamis of the rolling waves
spur in the soft core of this flowering bud to enliven
to the ever resounding jingles of Mother Nature
as his blue azure words yell in holy silence
he speaks those unheard words
sings those unknown songs
melodies of the deepest deep
as the world sleeps
a nascent bud playing with
the winds of his spirit
he awakens to the velvety touch of love
outpouring in cascades his whispers of covert bonding
My cherry red heart knows well the secret language of his florescence
in unsaid longings…..’
We know he is human
perhaps more than us
a special flower in the garden
in synchrony with the other hues that beautify all else
he climbs mountains and swims in the undercurrents of deep sees
the oceans rolling within the heavenly arena of his soul in secrecy
waiting to be unravelled
the fire of the gods in his volcano waiting to erupt like flowery crackers lighting the sky
my cherry red heart knows well the private language
of his florescence
waiting to love and be loved……..
the breeze of the morning blows in his freedom
as he nods and smiles
the gaily flower that he is
his every swaying mood
and gesture writes on our face
the supernal hieroglyphics of Nature
for my cherry red heart knows well
the secret of his florescence
waiting to be understood……
As the stars and planets reel through his consciousness
his florescent muteness
often thrills or dances or rages in dumb rapture
waiting to blossom fully
as my cherry red heart tells me
to help in freeing his caged fluttering soul
and hold him till the summit of blooming
of his fullest florescence
in our garden of Love…….
@ laksmisree banerjee
2nd April, 2022, Kolkata

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