Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma
She is a silent ocean.
All rovolving waves converge
And she is in a deep trance
Seething motherly grace
Encompassing mysteries
Of myriads facet of life.
Thousand of interpretations go
And numerous manipulations abound
But she is still indefinable saga of life.
As an invincible profundity
Histories and moralities—–
Like stones and boulders
Ooze into the bottom
Of her heart
And she transforms them
Like coral reefs of elgant glow
Filled with kindness and grace.
She emits seeping juice of life
Like the perennial fountain
Teaching universal lore of love.
She emraces truism of life
Carving sketches
For poised feet
In the glory of destiny!
In that extravagant party
I met my old friends.
We hollered and enjoyed
Rocollecting memories
And tellling penchant stories of life.
Everbody shared
His story of success
And reactions came:
“You have done a great job.”
A friend then asked me
What I was doing whole life:
I told them
That I played with words.
As he remained confused
I retored again
That I was writing poetry.
But he cut me short:
And asked in suspucious eye brow:
“Does that serve your financial need ?”
I hesitated with a pause
But replied with assertion :
“Poetry serves my purpose of living.”
My friend looked at me
As if he had seen a creature
From the yonder space
But he did not ask anything further.
I felt relieved
Being put into ease
Perhaps there were several questions
In his mind.
One early evening
I peered the nimbus sky
Embraced by speckled clouds
As if painter’s abstract images.
I tried to figure it out:
Giving one shape after another
Like a visionary painter
In his reflective spell
Lost in pensive delirium.
I was delighted
To see your bright eyes
Lit in magical hue
And your blushed cheeks
Colored in emerald glow
Extollling pepetual magic of love.
I pondered more
Drawing and making images
Like a solitary spider
Weaving thread of ecstacy
Envisioning you
Being transformed
Into magical fairy
Shining in feathery coat.
Don’t please take
I am such a superb painter
Or an artist
Just to create something
Out of nothing —-
But it was spell
Of love
That clasped me!

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