Every age has its prophet and its demon too. In Treta, we saw Lord Rama, vaniquish Ravana and in Dwapr, Lord Krishna finishing Kamsa. In Kaliyuga, we saw great saints and sages and prophets like Christ, Hazrat Muhammad, the Sikh Gurus but the Evil has not been contained. No one has been able to fight the might of the Corporatized Evil as epitomised in the figure of Lustus, the hero of Dr. Jernail Singh Anand’s mega-epic which is a fulsome satire on the modern world of power, fear, conspiracy, and terror.
Lustus: The Prince of Darkness was released yesterday at a star-studded ceremony presided over by the doyen of world literature Dr. Basudeb Chakraboriti whose described Lustus as a ‘Unique’ work. Other major literary global figures who participated in the deliberations and brought to light different facets of the great epic were Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic {Serbia-US} who called Dr. Anand, in the tradition of Daniel Defoe, the greatest satirist of “our disturbed times”, Dr. Brad Modlin, Creative Chair, Nebraska Univ at Kearney, US, who hailed Lustus as a great work which invites us to reclaim our lost ground of human sanity. Dr. Swaraj Raj contended with theodicy, and discussed in detail the problem of Evil. Dr. Kulbushan Razdan called Lustus a great epic of modern times, particularly in the backdrop of Ukrain crisis. Dr.Laksmisree Banerjee, former Vice-Chancellor, Kalhan Univ. appreciated the thematic and formalistic structure of Lustus. Dr. Lalit Mohan Sharma described this work as a multifacted work which poses question to which each one of us has to find his own answers. Dr Molly Joseph, Dr. Bajram Redzepig from Australia, Dr. Zbigniew Roth from Poland, Dr. Rahim karim Karimov from Kyrgyztan and Maria Teresa, from Italy, were present at the launch of the mock-heroic mega-epic. Sh. Vinod Khanna, from Chandigarh, presented an Ode to Lustus, which was highly appreciated.
Dr. Parneet Jaggi, Secretary, welcomed the august gathering of intellectuals from across the globe. Dr. Anand in his address observed that a creator is like a father who is never sure of the time of conception, the colour of his offspring, and even its potentialities, and emphasised that a writing just happens to him, underlining the passive role of the creator. Lustus he said epitomised the Evil Genius of modern times, he is the Ravana which needs to be burnt every year, he represents the denegerate forces of life which we regard as progress, and he challenges God with his armies of teachers, technocracts, aristocrats, advocates and politicians. Fear is the main instrument which totalitarian regimes employ to force obedience.
The Webinar on the Semantic Universe of Dr. Anand was organized by Aazaad Foundation and Vishwaneedam Society, Chennai and Puduchery. Kiran Grover thanked the speakers and other participants for their patient listening and being a part of this great cosmic show: THE LAUNCH OF LUSTUS.
Aazaad Foundation
[2304-C, Trishla City, Zirkpur -140603]

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