Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
your friendship
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
your friendship is
a beautiful
gift from God
your friendship is a wonderful
pink rose
without thorn
you are my world
dedicated my Romanian friend Vasile
you are my world
you came into my life
no more guilt
no more shame
my heart is yours
I love you
i still i am yours
you are my world
never ending
dedicated my turkish sweetheart
Your smell in my nose
Your hair on my clothes
The perfume you wear
Lingering around me in the air
Your hand in mine
Your eyes, they shine
Your love in my heart
Never ending
you hold a very special place…
Dedicated my special Romanian friend Vasile
you are my muse
the smile on my face
you are my beautiful inspiration
the joy in my soul
you hold a very special place
in my heart
your heart is work of Art
Dedicated a special Romanian friend Vasile
this world
is not black or grey
boring or poor
this world
with you is
rich and colorful
bright and beautiful
your heart is work of art
I adore you
I want to you know
Dedicated to my best Romanian friend Vasiel
I want you to know
your inner beauty
your kindness
your goodness
brings tears to my eyes
dear friend
I want you to know
my friendship is true and loyal
God bless you
mesmerizing eyes
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
pencil and paper
I write to you
you inspire me
a poem is born
a saw your eyes
mesmerizing eyes
they speak of a
thousand things..
How happy i am that you were born
The love
The sky is beautiful
The cloud is wonderful white paper
the cherry is crisp
The winter is gentle
The garden flowers is wet
The kebab is delicious
The love is salt
Life is perfect
under the moonlight
your lips on mine
unselfish passion
I touch you
early morning
I touch you
in the silence
I am so happy
late night
I touch you
between heartbeats
I am so blessed
hear my heart crack.
I want to hear your soul.
when you are near
the pen slips out of my hand
is that love ?

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