Poems by Bharati Nayak

Poems by Bharati Nayak
I speak not
As I feel
Speaking is not essential
Silence speaks for itself
Even eyes speak
Speak thousand words my quivering lips
Unsaid words travel million miles
Sun speaks
Moon speaks
Speaks the thunderstorm
When hearts meet
Mouth says no words
Only the closeness knows
How louder is the heart
When it beats
Beating the loudness of sea-roars.
Searching For A Name
I was born to a home
Where every body calls it Mr.X’s home
I was married to a Home
Where everybody calls it Mr.Y’s home
And refers me
As Mr.Z’s wife
I became a mother
They call me as someone’s mother
I brought home
A daughter-in-law
They call me as someone’s mother-in-law
My name is never referred
I always live by
With some names tagged by
I took upon it myself
Toearna name
Where Mr.X, Y, Z and A, B, C, D, E
Will be tagged after me
The question haunted me
And I hunted for a space
For myself
I came to meet
Poem Hunter without a prefix
Oh! At last there I found
My sweet little name
And the Big Big Home.
A Music Is Made
What and how
Can I define
And give a meaning
When I look
To the soft sunshine
That illuminates
My inner and outer world
How can I give a name
when music is made
When sweet breeze
Caresses the green branch
Or when
Flowers dance
In the rhythm
And the birds chirp
In which note
This music is played
When in silence
It is heard
From thousand miles apart.
In which name
I shall call the cloud
That wanders into the desert
Drizzles for a traveller wearied.
What name shall I call the drizzle
That frees the music
Held captive in the dungeon
And give a chance to play again
In the freedom
Where sunshine,
moon beam
Birds and butterflies
Even the tiniest life dance.

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