Poems by Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)

Poems by Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)
Fish are chased in the lake.
Gentle swans swim in the water.
White birds are soaring in the air.
We walk happily along the shore.
Butterflies blow the embers
of a red rose that blooms by the roadside
and it becomes more scarlet …
Butterflies probably anticipate
that God is like them.
Probably birds imagine
that God is a bird with the fastest wings.
Perhaps the fish are sure
that God dives into the sky like a fish.
When we walk with you,
I feel myself as a part of the whole
and I associate with the Creator!
Then I’m in harmony and I know –
I can’t do without the whole world
and the universe can’t do without me.
You have set the ceiling of my abilities.
You described the scope of my spirit.
If I’m a dandelion seed – one will be,
If I am an acorn, it will be different.
You decided I should be a poetess,
to empathize and feel everything
to love in my sleep and in my waking hours,
to write about hope, love and beauty.
You have decided that I should be human
on planet Earth.
In the eye of the universe.
Sunrises and sunsets.
Our common orbit is remarkable,
among the universe.
The river goes down the hill sinusoidal.
The storks spin in circles.
The rain is falling vertically.
Lightning falls zigzagged.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings turn.
Only you are in a hurry
straight through all obstacles
to hug me.

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