Linda B. Scanlan (USA)

Linda B. Scanlan (USA)
Linda B. Scanlan is a part-time poet and full-time advocate for “all creatures great and small.” Linda has been devoted to exposing injustice through her writing to elevate the plight of oppressed people throughout the globe struggling for equality and equal access to necessities of life through language. Her writing includes such topics as care of children and women, social justice and fairness and climate issues to name a few. Her writing is dedicated to the preservation of dignity, right of justice, fairness for all under law and access to basic necessities for all humans and creatures in jeopardy. Linda currently resides in Florida, USA.
we are born poets
dwelling deeply in that nebulous memory
until an audacious day when we dare to unfold
some bloom with pen
others the lens
while those mightily blessed paint or sculpt in clay exposing their profound authentic truth
the language of love takes shape the same……
on the day of our awakening
at that moment of destiny
mountains rejoice in our homecoming
and the page is no longer empty…. 
In spacetime I dwell in middle space
Taking refuge in the in between
of the in between
Somewhere between Jupiter’s moon Europa and the Milky Way
I make my own way known
Dead starlight and carbon atoms affix my gaze
Hither and yon I wander
In through and out beyond heaven’s gate
Particles of miracles douse me
An aura of twilight forms around me
Dare I attempt the leap of faith
The faint lingering scent of ancient oud
Mingles with the persistent waft of patchouli
A concoction more powerful than wizardry
Leading this stargazing wandering pilgrim home……………………
Linda B. Scanlan, 2022 ©️

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