Resurrection / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
O Jesus , it wasn’t just you who rose from the dead
It was also the “punarjanam “of a lot more this Easter
I am the fleur – de – lis , the Easter Lily
I carry within my three flourishing petals
The power of the Holy Trinity
Of my motionless ,dead as a dodo conscience
Of my dead pan ,icily frigid visage
Of my dynamic art lying in unseen heaps of neglect
Of my barren branches into spring blossoms of smiles
Of my ageing dreams with the miraculous kiss of life
Of my Peruvian balsam starved thoughts and ideas
I shall bloom again this Easter
With my Snow White radiance
I shall not simply be an egg shaped jelly bean candy !
Copyright Lily Swarn 18.4.2022

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