Poems by Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)

Poems by Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)
The crystal ringing from the island deceives me
and if I close my eyes for a moment –
I fly with my father’s bicycle,
my head protrudes above the frame.
The eternal river has preserved
in its deep blue depths
a mythical sun kite,
rainbows and colors from light.
And deciphered the former signs,
the clear memory calls me
with willows – suddenly illuminated,
with the vibrating other worlds.
Maritsa’s River amethysts mix me
into kaleidoscopes with future stars –
I drink through the vertical reeds
whirlwinds of my birth.
We tore the royal cloak
of mud and bait –
we are from a volcanic bottom, homeland,
from Bogomil blood.
The sea was covered with black crepe
and the flag – also in dark waves –
the fish smashed into the rocks
of magma and caviar.
It smelled of a carrion and a crater,
of spiritualistic smoke
and the sunrise surprised us
to be intimately silent.
Then the screams of birds of prey
I divided thread by thread in your honor
and a chorus of rulers and heretics
is crowding in my hearing to this day.
Your face glowed brightly in the darkness
and flames of colors swayed –
the eyes cleared and I waited
we to fly with air bubbles.
Streams of spring to wash us,
the grasses to give us back the space again –
to blaze the illuminated elements
and dyes to carry us upwards.
Let’s go into other times then,
our bright forebodings to come true –
an artist in me adores you
and all my doubles beyond.

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