I LIVE MY COLOURS / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
my wrists jingle with merging colours
my songs of multihues rippling shades
resonate in arched kaleidoscopic circles
ransacking the dust clad cloudy grey
with rainbow brushes of my bright eyes
the rampant vibgyor in diverse ardours
as I live my flamboyant colours—
violet lavenders tint intense my bridal veil
my purple passion inflames your self
heart grown old with ageless chroma love
my mauve lips moisten yours with kisses
the indigo midnight embraces us fully
sparkling stars seduce fragrant night odours
as I live my blissful colours—
blue cerulean tenors marry earth and ether
grass, fields,foliage run in riotous greens
shades of yellow spell out golden corn sheen
green-eyed monsters axed by orange sunrises
mellow beauty of the pink sundown in my heart
singing rhapsodies of passionate flavours
as I live my blithe undaunted colours—
the red rose blushes in the arms of light green
pastels in variegated tone romp with butterflies
Mother Earth revels in the red florescent kisses
of baby blooms soon to yield lush resplendence
the aura mixes with the hallowed cosmic soul
the azure, galaxies,nature without any borders
colours slipping into vales and crests of one another
as I celebrate my iridescent colours—
@laksmisree banerjee
Kolkata, 21st April, 2022

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