Path / Poem by Zana Coven

Poem by Zana Coven
I was born in a land of dreams
Where all rainbows live
My craddle was made of stars
And Sun was my hive
My mother is a song that
Never stops to sing
Taking me in her arms
And rocking gently my dreams
My first and only friend
Shines above all nights
Dreaming dreams of silver sand
I know we are connected tight
Moon recounts me heavenly tales
While all the world sleeps
Telling me all secrets
Universe hid from earth
I am a daughter of invisible spirits
That unseen souls have
Powerful is my breath and my voice
Like waterfalls underwater streams
I dwell in every flower, rocks are my shelter
My mother protects me with just her smile
My father is thunder’s helper
Life is just a path
Thru which my soul flies
Learning lessons of Divine
While walking on fresh morning grass
I need nothing to have my peace
Light and free is my soul
Where all Suns dwell
Zana Coven
All right reserved

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