My Hills Can’t Protect Me – Poem by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri / Traslated by Sara Ali Khan

Poem by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri
My Hills Can’t Protect Me
O you mellowing eventide!
Where’s that?
the face I love to see
that balcony
suffers its absence
I wave adieus
seeing the door of this house ablaze
in the streets of Sana’a bullets have superseded the birds
they’ve rallied at the door of the city
carrying missiles on shoulders
so that they set my face afloat
in Tigris
and I live the residual life
searching for a trace, my face
I saw them marching near the Neem tree laden with nimolis
under their right foot was my olive gardens
and the five rivers under their left
Is devouring my green mulberry trees
and God
reclining against the banyan tree is
having a dialogue with it
those were days
when in the suburbs of Miranshah
I used to plant light in my fields
now only darkness grows here
they’ve arrived to plant riot in our courtyards
so that we disperse
my hills are helpless in protecting me
they’re in danger themselves
Traslated by Sara Ali Khan

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