Nature’s Gift / Poem by Shahid Abbas

Poem by Shahid Abbas
Nature’s Gift
Do not waste a valued drop
We owe existence to fertile ground
We soon depart this royal realm
Save some soil for their future
If we waste it
If we destroy it
If we disrespect it
Nature’s gift will produce warfare
I implore you
Heed the alarm
Join hands in brotherhood
Save our home
From inexorable destruction and Irrevocable degradation
Show wisdom
Show compassion
Make every effort
To save earth’s beauty
She gives of her bounty
To feed the hungry
To feed their crying souls
This precious gift from above
Whose river’s flowing slakes the thirsty
Whose cool water soothes the aching body
So tired from toil at the end of the day
We are Mother Nature’s protector
Let us not neglect one drop
Nor one acre
Water and land provides sustenance for all
Not just a chosen few…..
©️ Shahid Abbas from Pakistan

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