Poem by Mónika Tóth

Poem by Mónika Tóth
I can feel
Your lips are so beautiful
Your lips are so soft
your lips are so sweet
Your lips meet mine
You kiss me deeply and sweetly
I can feel the butterflies inside my stomach begin to flutter
dedicated my nice Romania friend,Vasile
You inspire
my heart
So daily
you are
my muse
I hope
I hope
I hope you know
how much happiness
you bring into my life
no title
Noisy morning…
the beauty..
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
I want to shine forever
in the beauty of your smile
i am so lonely
I am so lonely
a poem helps fill out
the emptiness
my lips
On my lips
nectar juice
stranger smiles
Dear friend
I confess
the truth is
when i see you
I swim in the joy sea
dear friend
When I see you
my heart is warm
my soul is fire
Dear friend
I confess
the truth is
you are my essence
you are my greatest
you are my blessing
red rose petals…
Red rose petals
in my diary….
In my darkest hour
hope warm illumination
a cosmic night-light
your smile
your smile
something about your smile
your smile sweet, lively, beautiful, selfless
when I wake up
the first thing that comes to mind is
your smile
in a world where everything seems so cold and cruel
your smile
the best gift
I smile
Fills the morning
I smile
Time has ran.
Pain has stayed.
Fear has ruled
The truth is..
dedicated my nice turkish friend
I confess
The truth is
I love when you kiss me
Your lips are soft and gentle
I am so lucky
Life is a Pandora’s Box.
Full of surprises,
Full of excitement.
My short story
My story began with you.
I was the song to your heart
You were the lock to my key

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