We’ll Meet Again / Poem by Shalini Yadav

Poem by Shalini Yadav
We’ll Meet Again
The first cut is always the deepest
And I have also never forgotten you
It’s not mere impetuous
And futile fling for me
Even if we parted soon
And acted like chalk and cheese
But I always hope that
We’ll meet again…..
From different worlds
And different journeys
But we destined to meet
Both; first and second time
Now wherever I go
There’ll be a part of me
Always hoping that
We’ll meet again……
It might be puerile
And an unfulfilled story of us
But it would be cruel to judge it
Under the premise of infidelity
As it was virtue of me
To fall for that angelic warmth
And I always hope that
We’ll meet again…..
In every poem
Every story
Every novel
I feel you and me together
Blooming in love
Crying, heart-rendering and splitting
And always hoping that
We’ll meet again…
©️ Shalini Yadav from India

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