Flowers Growing In Odd Places / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan
Flowers Growing In Odd Places
You called me Moones
a girl you knew once knew
she captured your heart
it was supple then
so long ago it felt like a dream
she was real
you named her your word for heaven
Then ten lifetimes passed
and you were lonely again
calling out to the mystical mystery of unknown destinies
I flew into your orbit
It felt familiar
that way we fell into each other
outside for all to see
how could I forget
do you remember how we said
though we’d just met
it was not a first meeting
You sat in my space
you talked for hours
as though you had never told anyone your truth
I listened
fascinated and enthralled
I loved you for 10,000 lifetimes
so did you
you said it too
we discovered
how we adore John Adorney
ruminate over Rumi
our preference for dark chocolate
a penchant for fresh blueberries
want to be surrounded by flowers
and vistas of snow covered mountains
That time you tried explaining quantum mechanics
I said
don’t waste your precious time
I’m too dumb to understand
aghast you implored me
to never to say such a thing again
I laughed at your silly jokes
we made a plan
it was not to be
you said later on
“my dear you are Moones so don’t fret over this
we will meet again
I’ll be there with arms open wide
you’ll know me by my smile”
I need you now
I’m here with you always you said in a whisper
but how will I know you are near
look for flowers growing in odd places
we are always entangled this way……..
Linda B. Scanlan, 2022

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