MUSIC & ME / Poem by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)

Poem by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)
Music – my ally, my partner
The nectar of my life
When my soul tears
And life falls to pieces
Gapping holes slicing through this heart
You mend with notes high and low
And I feel uplifted
Renewed, restored
A masterpiece re crafted
With music the thread
Weaving me together
Keeping me afoot
Waltzing through darkness
With the grace of ballerina
Swaying through the salted night
The cogent moon winks
And sparkling stars silently sing
The song of love’s rebirth
And for that moment
The world is a grand melody
My heart whispers it’s joy…. again.
©Purple Roze

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