Dr. Sajid Hussain (Pakistan)

Dr. Sajid Hussain (Pakistan)
Globally published, recognized, acclaimed, awarded, appreciated and featured, Dr. Sajid Hussain hails from Pakistan, he is a well-educated and multidisciplinary Poet,Admin of many poetry groups .He is a Master Trainer of “Low Cost and No Cost of Science Material” Homeo Doctor, senior teacher of Chemistry in FDE, and Ex-Principal of Jinnah Public School Morgah Rawalpindi . He has done several courses and received many certificates from UNICEF, CIDA and USAID programs. Sajid Hussain is a promising Poet already participating in innumerable poetry contests world-wide, he won many certificates of excellence.the list of his achievements and titles he has earned is quite long.His poety is published in world famous print and electronic magazines, journals, newspapers, websites, blogs and anthologies. He is author of Acquist Of Life,Parlance, Cloud Nine Fantasia.
He has written more than 700 poems so far, his poem have been got published in near about 100 world anthologies and magazines and also have been translated into different major languages. His work also has been on different digital web sites and in different newspapers. He loves humanity that is why he has taken human hardships as themes of his poetry, he loves nature and believes in that close association with nature is an indispensable part of life which we are loosening and humanity is going astray, he also have a staunch faith that mutual global understanding is the core element to bring the peoples close and make life on the planet pleasant and worth-living, he thinks that poets only present a better image of the world, it is obligation of the people and organization who possess the political power, to implement.

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