Naheed Akhtar (India)

Naheed Akhtar (India)
Naheed Akhtar is a lecturer, writer and poet based in the city of Hyderabad, the Southern part of the country. She is a bibliophile and loves reading Philosophy, History, Psychology, Literature and the Glossary of Literature. She is known for her love for nature with her fine imagination of being a wanderer, a lost who longs and lingers for the unseen and remote for her own reasons. She has two poetry collections to her credit. She achieved the awards for the conductive years 2020 and 2021, an combined initiative of the State Government of Gujarat and Motivational Strips, on the eve of India’s 74th and 75th Independence Day respectively entitled “Gujrat Sahitya Academy Award”.
O’ thee
The soul of my body!
I ain’t gonna empty
The heart that carries
Love for thee
No matter how long
Thou ignore me
Until the body sinks
And inner forces give up
Repudiating to serve
The breaths
That drag the form
And maintain
Relationship between
Until the body reaches
The home
Under the bosom of Earth
And the body
Lays in mirth
For the attainment
Of still rejoicing the love it ever loved
Naheed Akhtar ©
All rights reserved

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