Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.


Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.

International Poet – Review Writer
Universal Peace Ambassador,
Vice-Chair, Global Harmony Association,
# 16-2-836/L, Plot-39
Madhavnagar, Saidabad,
Hyderabad – 500 059 [AP] INDIA

Hailing from Hyderabad City, India, I have been composing poetry for the past 25-years. Graduated in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Osmania University, I successfully accomplished a Post Graduate Diploma course in Journalism.  Fascinated by literature since teen-age, especially poetry, it paved a way to transform me into a poet. Presently employed with the ‘Andhra Pradesh State Co-op Bank Ltd.’ [APCOB] at Hyderabad City, India, since 1988; I am presently working in the cadre of a Manager of the Bank.

To establish myself in the arena of international poets, it took several years of prolific writing. The following milestones reflect my present stature:

  • Conferred with ‘HONORIS CAUSE’ (Doctor of Letters) by the “Academy  of Universal Global Peace”, an Organization Accredited /Affiliated to United Nations (USA), International Blue Cross (UK) & Power Ministries International (USA).
  • Poem ‘Nature and We’, selected from out of thousands of International contributions on the commemoration of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2012 and received the privilege of placing the same as a HIGHLIGHT on the website of UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME(UNEP).
  • Global Harmony AssociationRussia – Global Textbook titled, ‘The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization’ – Proposed to nominate the same for the HIGHEST AND MOST PROMINENT AWARD FOR LITERATURE IN THE WORLD – NOBEL PEACE PRIZE – 2013.  The poet happens to be one of the co-authors from 26 countries.
  • Conferred with the highest Honorary Degree of POET LAUREATE by the Hangchon Culture Foundation, S. Korea in association with the world Academy of Arts and Culture, USA.
  • Name and poem featured in British Literary Magazine, PHOENIX NEW LIFE POETRY Spring 2012 issue, under the caption, ‘The Indian Culture of Harmony and its expression in Poetry, Literature and Art of India’; along with poetry stalwarts like Saroji Naidu, Ravindranath Tagore, Toru Dutt, Govind Krishna Chettur.
  • Received Director’s Award for Poetry-2012, for the best International finalist Poem on the theme, Love Begins With Me, from the internationally reputed Love Foundation, USA.
  • Presented with a GOLDEN PEN, honoured as Best Author and awarded with CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE during August, 2011 from Writers Globe, India.
  • Selected as Member of Commissioner of Editor Committee for the International Literary Art Magazine, ‘The Moon Light of Corea, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Named in the OUTSTANDING PEOPLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY, by International Biogrophical Centre, Cambridge, England for receiving outstanding Achievement Awards.
  • CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION, awarded by SAVE THE CHILDREN, a USA based Organization, in recognition of support of Save the Children and compassionate commitment to the children.
  • INTERNATIONAL AWARD in Light Verse Category in the 63rd Annual International Contest conducted by the Poets Roundtable, USA.
  • Contributed to the WORLD’S LARGEST POEM FOR PEACE alongside President Clinton, Senators, Members of Congress, the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other renowned poets from over 70 nations.
  • Nominated by the International Forum for the Culture of Peace (IFLAC), Israel, as IFLACDELEGATE FOR INDIA.
  • Appointed and given the honorary position as HONORARY ADVISOR of BORNEO OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITYMalasia, to spearhead their subject concept of Wings of Peace.
  • Received EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD for outstanding achievement in poetry presented by poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry, USA.
  • Awarded with the prestigious title of ‘CREATIVE GIANT 2000 by the Home Of Letters, India.
  • Received acclamations from the National Authors Registry, USA, and conferred with THE PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR LITERARY EXCELLENCE 2002.
  • Awarded with the prestigious ‘THE INTERNATIONAL POET OF MERIT AWARD’ (2001)from the International Society of Poets, USA.
  • The Highly Appreciated COREA LITERATURE N. APPLE PRIZE by conferring the DIPLOMA – HANGCHON CULTURE for my poetry contribution for the welfare of human beings, from World Academy Arts & Culture, South Korea branch.
  • ‘International Intellectual Peace Award, 2010’ from the All India Intellectual Peace Academy, India.
  • Happens to be the ONLY PERSON FROM ASIA whose poem ‘Plant More Trees‘ was selected and composed as a song for the UNEP’s (United Nations Environment Programme– Billion Tree Campaign.  The CD, TREES FOR PEACE-TREES FOR THE EARTH was released by prominent persons and Mayors of France in connection with “Association Pour la Terra”, FRANCE
  • Name featured in THE INTERNATIONAL WHO’S WHO AND POETS’ ENCYCLOPAEDIA(9th edition) of the International Biographical Centre, England
  • Conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature (D.Litt) by UNESCO approved ‘World Academy of Arts & Culture’, USA, for the poetic talent displayed in the sphere of world poetry.
  • Name featured in ‘Asian Admirable Achievers’ (Volume-IV), India, listing 400-odd talented personalities who excelled in various fields and hail from the Asian continent.
  • Conferred with UNIVERSAL PEACE AMBASSADOR for my poetic efforts to establish universal peace by the Cercle Universel Des Ambassadeurs De La Paix, Switzerland with its Secretariat Office located in France.
  • Recipient of BHARAT EXCELLENCE AWARD (2010), from the Friendship Forum of India, New Delhi.
  • Awarded and invited for SONGWRITING CONTRACT with PARAMOUNT GROUP, USA, where some of the world’s famous musicians and superstars have made their presence felt.
  • Conferred with DIPLOMA DE ONOARE (Diploma Of Honor), by Congresului Mendial al Poetilor, Romania, during 2002 for my poetry contribution at the International contest held at Iasi, Romania.
  • Recipient of IVORY EAGLE 2001 Award announced by the Green Lotus Journal, India.
  • Winner of “HUMAN RIGHT’S POETRY CONTEST’ in the International Poetry Contest conducted by the POETRY CANADA AGAZINECANADA.
  • Honoured with 1st place by Holistic JunctionUSA,  and awarded with a CERTIFICATE OF HONOR (Blue Ribbon) during 2007.
  • Nominated for acclaimed MICHAEL MADHUSUDHAN AWARD by the Michael Madhusudhan Academy, Kolkata, India
  • Awarded HONORABLE MENTION IN THE SUMMER 2001 AWARDS PROGRAM by theIliad Literary Awards ProgramU.S.A.
  • Nominated as OBSERVER by the Poetry society (India) in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Culture for KAVITA-93, a Festival of Indian Poetry, New Delhi, India.
  • Commendation from Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President, India.
  • Commendation from Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, Former Prime Minister of India.
  • Name, poems and bio-data included in the International Dictionary of PoetsS.Korea.
  • Conferred with CERTIFICATE OF AWARD basing on the highest votes polled for the best poem on the website in the Poetry Contest conducted by the Poetry Organization, Let’s Talk Honestly,USA.
  • Presented with a Golden Pen and awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence & Best Author of the Month’ (September, 2011) from Writers Globe, India.
  • SPECIAL RECOGNITION’ from the U.S.A based “Voices Net – 6th Poetry Anthology Contest”.
  • Poems exclusively broad-casted for one-hour in a poetry programme on the Canadian Radio, Canada.
  • Nominated for “EFFULGENT STAR-2003’ Award by the Home of Letters, Bhubaneswar, OrissaIndia.
  • OUTSTANDING POETRY AWARD’ from the International Society of Greece WritersGreece.
  • Selected as one of the 18 world poets (from six countries) to partake in the “WRITERS CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMME-2005” Romania.
  • Poem selected amongst the “Top Ten Poems” in the March 2006 issue of True Poet Magazine.
  • Selected as one of the 13 world poets by Ekaika- rasa Magazine,  TAIWAN for 2007, under LITERARY VOICES OF THE WORLD.
  • Interviewed by GREECE Newspaper “Enikalpa” under the caption – Real Humans of the World.
  • Poems featured in a Peace CD Album, viz., CIRCLE OF PEACE (USA).
  • Poems TRANSLATED into nearly 10 foreign languages.
  • Commendation from Her Majesty Queen Elizebeth, United Kingdom.
  • Commendation from the Hon’ble President of France.
  • Commendation from the Hon’ble President of Spain.
  • Composed 18 volumes of poetry, of which 4 volumes have been published till date. 
  • That apart, translated 11 spiritual books from Telugu to English i.e. a TOTAL NUMBER OF 29 BOOKS TILL DATE

????????         ?????????????          The Chariot Of Musings

Charismata of Poesie             World-Future-Day-Poem_Only-then          ???????????????


 Poetry… Poetry… Poetry…! Jotting poetic thoughts on the horizon of memories and standing a witness to the unending emotive issues and the day-by-day multiplying human sufferings, the need for social awakening and the quest for UNIVERSAL PEACE keeps on stirring the hidden poetic instinct within. The pursuit for HARMONY cultivate the seeds of HUMAN CO-EXISTENCE aiming to ensure that the grapplehold of violence, social evils, hostilities and conflicts would diminish day-by-day. By enlightening the challenging realities for a genuine universal cause for Peace, Prosperity and Progress through poetry; if efforts are made with a peace-filled spirit, UNIVERSAL PEACE would not be a distant dream. World poets, peace-loving citizens, social workers, artists, writers,academicians, economists, peace ambassadors, peace activists musicians and so on, let us move together to establish a lasting bond to accomplish this mammoth task.

 Editorial Board Committee Member, “World Peace”, Magazine, Poetry   Institute of South Africa.

 Vice-Chairman, “Global Harmony Association”, Russia.

  ‘Ambassador of Goodwill of Peace’ for Andhra Pradesh(India) – Academy of Universal Global  Peace,(UNO   affiliated/accredited), India.

 Research Committee Member, ‘Center for Global Nonkilling‘ (CGNK), Norway.

  Editorial Board Member, “Moon Light of Corea”, International Literary Magazine, South Korea.

  Life Member, ‘World Academy of Arts & Culture’, [UNESCO approved] U.S.A.

  Honorary Life Member, “World Renaissance For Classical Poetry”, India.

  Honorary Member, “International Forum for Literature & Culture of Peace”, (IFLAC) Israel.

  Honorary Member, “Bilingual Poets & Writers for Peace” (UNESCO), Argentina.

  Honorary Member, “Poets of the World”, Chile.

  “Ambassador Of Love” The Love Foundation, U.S.A.

  Honorary Research Board of Advisor, ‘The American Biographical Institute, Inc.’, U.S.A.

  Life Member, “Literary Academy of World Peace”, South Korea.

 Life Member, ‘World Poets Society’ (WPS), Greece.

  Executive Committee Member “United Minds for Peace Society”, India.

  Holding Memberships and prominent portfolios in several cultural and other organizations across India.

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