Poems by Teresinka Pereira


Teresinka Pereiera Presidente IWA


Poems by Teresinka Pereira






In the darkness of destiny
I am looking for a quest.

In my verses, trip into a puzzle,
I try to be humble, and give
the perfect love
raising my hands
to reach everyone…

Here I come, with all poets,
looking for a time to make peace:
our verses will erase the borders
and will enter the countries,
like the sea when if passes through
obstacles to reach the sand…

We come with hopes and raise
our voices beyond the bells
in the celebration day:
we want to answer with words of hope
for universal brotherhood
and we will wish peace
for the whole world.




…but, my hand…


I am tired of reading,
of thinking…
but my hand
goes on writing,
desolate, bounded,
insisting on communicating
something sad,
with pretended humbleness,
an old complaint,
a skeptical shame,
hoping that at daybreak
your eyes reach me
at this sunny window
and return at last,
the love you owe me.






Our throats shout
with fear of plagues,
of wars,
of religions.
But it has been always
like that.
What changed are the news
on TV, on Ipad, from mouth to mouth,
which go from one end to the other
of the continents
and spike in our minds.
Is there a way
to restore joy
in this world?






From the earth to the branches
of the trees we climb,
poor human race, after
we have descend from them
by the primate long arms.

Then we look at the sky
with our beating hearts
thinking that maybe we can
climb beyond the branches
without wings, long arms
or flying machines…

Today we do not believe it,
maybe tomorrow… but
yesterday we have denied
it was possible to get
to the infinite…

However, the branches
stop there, in the genesis
of the trees…



Nga toka



Nga toka, në drejtim të degëve
të pemëve ne ngjitemi,
raca e varfër njerëzore,
pasi kemi zbritur prej tyre,
nga primati krahë – gjatë.

Atëherë, ne hedhim vështrimin,
në drejtim të qiellit,
me zemrat tona rrahëse,
duke menduar se ndoshta,
mund të ngjitemi përtej degëve,
pa krahë, krahë të gjatë,
ose makinat fluturuese.

Sot, ne s’e besojmë atë,
ndoshta nesër…., por
dje e kemi mohuar.
Ishte e mundur për të ikur
drejt pafundësisë…

Megjithatë, degët
ndalen atje, në gjenezën
e pemëve…

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