Poems by Lily Swarn

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Poems by Lily Swarn



Barter systems


Love in the time

of calculated deals

Of chess moves

And barter systems

Your might conversing

With my oversight

Your vision

Goading my carelessness

Love that preens egotistically

Astride cavalier attitudes

Bumbling through alleys

Dead as dodos

Love by any other name

Would have putrid fumes

Emanating from rotting flesh

It would partake of feasts for eyes

In salubrious vistas of debauchery

Love across sandy wastes peppered

With thorny bushes of irksome nitpicking

It couldn’t be love

For it defies most rules of the book

Don’t you think ?


Copyright Lily Swarn 24.12.2016



On life


Entangled and webbed

Vines of grape

Juicy bowls of squishy life

Oozing slush with drunken feet

Your reality and mine

Meeting eternally  in

Streams of time


Copyright Liky Swarn 23.12.2016



Anhad naad (primordial sound )


Stark stillness slumbering

Beneath bereft  bare boughs

Mystic mellifluous silence

Since the Anhad Naad was heard

Yearning chilled bleakness

Reposing on heaps of snow

You sashay in like a ghost

That wakes up the sleepy sun


Copyright Lily Swarn 23.12.2016



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