Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram


The Morning Dream

We stood below the sunset
you enter In to my soul.
across my sheets I sat.
and imagine everything beyond
my thoughts.

I stood In my view’
my mind felt like I was In a

It made me feel vulnerable
his voice was smooth and quiet.

I had a simple thought
of how it would be “?.

Him and I!

Tangle along the sand.


With A Eye To Be Held

The air gently caress her
she stood In a stare, her
thoughts were lively.

And tender.
with a eye to be held.

The gentle air
move slowly
against her cheek.

The air felt warm like a whisper.
with a eye to be held.

By – Opal Ingram (c)
aka- Poetress Mystic



In A Shade

In a shade

soft like a canvas
In a season of change

It caught my eye
In a wink.

The leaves glittered like silver
across the gray sky.

I scribbed a note

Ink thought

It was mind
over matter

of humor
creep up In darkness

my pen

full of light

I sat in
a scene

drama fold

top off with fiction

sort of like In a

dreamy way

with a dabble.

characters went wild

with a toss in to a

In a shade

with a feeling

It caught my eye

In a wink

with a twist

In a delight

like sunrise

toss in

a shade.

By – Opal Ingram(c)
aka-Poetress Mystic

2017 (c)


The Path In The Glow

The river look deep , like a mirror.
the temperature felt warm the heat
of the summer day cooled down.

I stood over a safe horizon , hidden.

It was bright the sunset.

The trees
stood In a bunch
the sunset had a path
In a glow.

I hush my fear below
my feet, “I felt empty.
like a broken shell.

I took my hand and held my
mother hand.

I saw her fear in her eyes
It made me teary eye.

I felt it upon my shoulder
her fear.

The men in the horses
pass us by through the
path In the glow.

By – Opal Ingram(c)
aka Poetress Mystic


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