Poems by Nayanika Dey


Nayanika Dey

Nayanika Dey is a 23 years old aspiring poetess from Durgapur, West Bengal, India. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Economics and Actuarial Science from IAI. She started penning down her thoughts and imaginations when she was 17. She loves to write and portrays her works mainly on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Her works got published and featured in The Criterion: An International Journal In English, American e-magazine, Indie Affair, and other magazines. She loves to take part in writing challenges and she has also won many of them. She is a contributing writer of some prose & poetry anthologies as well. She loves reading John Keats. The words cinephile and philatelist aptly describe her. She is a word hoarder and a pianist & guitarist in leisure .

@nayanika_niks on Twitter

@nayanika_niks on Instagram


 Poems by Nayanika Dey


Despite the Bilboes of Casteism

He could see her highly strung face

Behind the cloaked veil

A face taught to behold beautiful turbulent.

He could feel the shiver in her timid heart

And the fearful spasm

Running down her spine.

He held her hand and whorled the bangles

While hundred of foes

Opposing two hearts

Kept their eyes glued in line.

He stained her red;

By making that vermilion spread.

He jeweled her up with holy beads

And consecrated her with the garnet ink.

She devoted herself to him

When he adorned her nape

With the sacred tinsel tasseled thread.

He could see the love in her eyes for him

And with that sense of relief,

She embraced him tight

And said in a moist tone

As he kissed her lachrymose eyes,

“Our love will always bring the holy grail back.”



We were yet

To dive,

Into the

Unknown depths

Of the words

Unheard and unsaid.


Fading out

To fade into

The opaque


In the heart

Of light

And darkness.


As the sheets

Laid wrinkled

And the moments,

Once being

Kept stacked,

Ran miles of race

Betwixt the floor

And the ceiling,

As memories

And keepsakes.



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