The last kiss / Poems by Sandra Ssarmiento

Poems by Sandra Ssarmiento
The last kiss
Pulsating in synchrony.
Eager lips
In the sweet kiss that one.
That Kiss, that fires relentlessly and without fear.
There is no chance
To stay one more night.
Although the truth is
Not wanting to leave.
Just for those eyes
Who were his anchor.
While the tears harbour with its warmth.
Feeling like a beautiful flower and scents.
The last of my beloved.
Let me take your hand and enjoy its warmth.
Love for the last time.
Emborrachame with the last kiss.
As a smoking gun
Shooting straight to the heart
Rise. And Haran
In Peace, transcends.
I cry of sadness.
I will cry missing your whole being.
And is that your voice shut down my life.
And that is that those strong hands
Glued to my waist
Equilibravan until my vibe.
Our hearts in dance
Night after night.
As rhythmic drumming in waste.
Go Love, go forward.
Reach your vessel that your time came.
Wait for us, although it may not be today or tomorrow
But little by little one day
In family we’ll get together.
And is that your light, and on the ground
Illuminates the eternity.
Let me cry.
Will the comfort don’t rush it.
Just saying goodbye to the pain.
Your obvious absence
My life, my love.

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