My Wales / Poem by Naomi-Rose Walke



Poem by Naomi-Rose Walke
My Wales
Wales is my home, my heart, my soul,
Where country sides do unfold.
Marvellous villages, towns and counties,
The capital of Wales is Cardiff city.
Beautiful sands and tides of the sea,
Where do those rivers and mountains lead?
Ancient legends of dragons of old,
What wonderful mysteries our beloved Wales holds.
Tales of heroes, creatures galore,
And don’t forget kings, Ogars of course.
Holding Eisteddfod auditions for,
A famous folk dancing tradition.
Saint Davids day you see,
To another tradition for me.
Boys wearing waistcoats, jackets of wool,
Is what you might just see.
Girls wearing bonnets, skirts and shawls,
And wearing red is an option for all.
Playing football and rugby all day,
C’mon Cymru is what we all say,
True to Wales we’ll stay.
Cawl for tea with bread and cheese,
And opening a window to a refreshing country breeze.
That’s what Wales is to me.
By Naomi-Rose Walker © 2017
@Beauty’ by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker of Sharonz Photography (c)(T)

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