Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH



A word that hijacks the joy
Of the moment from living
A word that is sufferings in disguise
Of Safety and Assurance Short lived

For what can we plan about
A moment which is for a moment
Comes before it leaves us
A momentary moment of bliss

Bliss cause once accepted it blesses
If resisted it moves leaving a void
Bliss cause its fresh and pure
If neglected it passes unhindered

Unhindered shall i be
Devoid of apprehensions
In divine surrender To Be
In providence and acceptance

Acceptance unfurls happiness
For in surprise of surprises
He never disappoints for love
For in Surprise, Surrender and Love
Do we always receive abundance.


Heal The World

As I walk and walk and walk
I look at the setting sun in front
The broken clouds above
Then the word Heel flashes in my mind
From What and From Where and Why
The Choices we made brought us here
The Choices others made are bare
Consequences are natural to follow
A moment of introspection was needed
Before the actions were paraded
To see where have we landed ourselves
A world that is bizarrely broken and in pain
Desires leading mankind to the brink
Wants pegging humanity to its selfishness
Men to men, women to women men to women
Differences insurmountable have come up
Nothing seems to be in order to breathe free
Bloodshed, atrocities, war, instabilities ruling
They roost at all corners of the world
Amid all these chaos the heart cries
The soul Whispers Heal the world
Through the ancient paths that born you
Through Love and compassion and care
Concern for the fellow beings in heart
Just for a second O Human stop and listen
To the ancient whispers within
That simply and lovingly is ready
To guide you away from all these unearthly
self-inflicted calamities and pains
Just Heal The World
In a vacuum with resonating echoes
I walk and walk and walk

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