Faith in Humanity (For International Human Rights Day) / Poem by Stella. L. Luna

Poem by Stella. L. Luna


Faith in Humanity
For International Human Rights Day

Some values in life must be emphasised for our prosperity,
Giving equal worth to the cry of every living beings bilaterally,
We boast our intellect & machinery has bested all the popularity,
arguing our appetite for resources & race for War’s inevitability,

With each drop of innocent blood charred for pitiless illiteracy,
We are firming our path right into the belly of hell’s misery,
As we become more silent about things that matter for humanity,
It shall be the dark moment of
our lives turning into obscurity.
Whoever we are, wherever we are, however we are,
No matter our class, age,opinion,
sex, origin or religion,
Peace is attained when our energy is used for nurturing human dignity,
Growth is attained when our views are used for nurturing human capacity,
Joy is attained when we use our humility to bring all life & world into harmony.

(C) S.L.Luna

“To deny people of their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” ¯ Nelson Mandela

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