Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Holes in The Snow
Holes in the snow console our feet,
On the flat road, we stay to meet,
The snow seems a slipping layer,
But nature reigns in real color,
The snowy track blocks to go back,
Linger for long upon the track,
As the plants look panties so wet,
All things are netted in the net,
As the bald trees make buzz like bees,
As the buddies make jokes to tease,
As the knees fall on the white snow,
The pieces of ice disperse in row,
As the bids look below the bush,
The potholes plumb and they push,
As some aspirants looking so soon,
The sun breaks the fog at the noon,
The snow melts with the warming sun,
Water falls to make the river one,
Somnambulism wakes to walk in the dark,
The walking towards the destination mark,
All in sleeping state of the smiling mind,
Unknown accord, either in love or discord,
Walking upon the weeds and singing reeds,
Tummy burns in hunger for getting feeds,
Going to get unseen targets in the field,
Going to bring forward the yearning yield,
Moving on the signals of air on screen,
Breeze of doubt and fear moves so mean,
Making or marring is message of sleep,
As all barriers of borders go so sweep,
Creeping on the muddy ditch of beauty,
Searching joy, seeking love in serenity,
Crawling upon the stony walls of hill,
Climbing in sleeping onto the great mill,
Somnambulist sleeps in peace with you,
Reluctantly reluctant buddy is true…
Water flows on the pretty shore,
Sweet sips from virulent water,
Salubrious pink with drink,
As unambiguous link,
Innate invasion of joy,
Without toy, without shy,
Swagger with sweet ebbing,
Proud of the warm flowing,
Communication of passions,
Renaissance of emotions,
Proceedings from upper,
All deeds go on so super,
Walk, talk and be rock,
A garrulous fairy in frock,
Glamour with grace in love,
Humor with step must go,
Like the cool tool so true,
Striking personality of you,
Escorting along the shore,
Jubilant and joyous more,,,,
On the sweet shore of life,
Red, pink, blue, purple ripe…..

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