An Anti War Poem: Write my Poem without a Landscape (Dedicated to Sara Ali Khan) / Poem by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri

Poem by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri
An Anti War Poem
Write my Poem without a Landscape
Dedicated to Sara Ali Khan, A well known poet and translator from Pakistan. She completed the translation of my anti war anthology (Mutbadil Dunia ka Khawab) into English. I am very greatful to her.
I presented my clothing to the fire as an offering
And recognised my blood
To be my new attire
And began leading my dreams
Hangu’s flaming evening
Changes her dress facing me
My landscape is burnt to cinders
My poem
I write without a landscape
Mahmood Darwesh knows my grief
My heaven’s blue sheet started burning
So i wrote the verses of my poem
On my body
So that i may welcome my guest doves
I heard those sounds
Whose existence is yet delayed
I’ve devoted my fire
To the cold blood of many innocents
That flows through the crossroads of Qasar al Hayyur
I began to write the elegy of the earth
Reclining against the lush tree of Bikayen
The aflame boughs of date palms in Maarib
Beckon me to them
But I’m in pursuit of my friends
Who have been buried alive
O my friend made-to-sleep-underground
Please call me!
I’m searching for a collective/shared/communal grave
In the lampless streets of the city
Translated by: Sara Ali Khan

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