Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal
Women is nature
Nature is women
Women is nature
Nature is Women
In all demensions its proven
In suspension of time
We learnt that.
In all irresistible conceptions
They adore in the eloquence
Of more prevailing in silence.
Than words but are harrassed and humiliated in some parts.
But she love all.
No limitations for adoreing and being one
Merging with love, embracing and curddling..
With grace, souls pearching for light in them..
All expressions are redeemed with love
Embodies and sublime conceptions.
Compassing with the hightest thoughts
Intericating with all and leading
Expressions with warnished truth.
That both presenting the embodiement of limitlesss love in being one with deep rooted heart.
She is deep and light every where.
She overcaste unmeasured and abundance of love.
Starry night
All blues together
No glitter
No fairy tales night.
Sky is calm.
Dancing stars
Merging light.
It is dark
And starry night.
Flowers in water hiding
Themeselves in mistery.
Like our love story.
Which became an history.
No evidences found.
Only memories
With symmetry.
Flashing back in
This dark night.
Blues overloaded
With glues.
Pouring no clues.
Will be finding with
Navigations made
By moon.
One lucify
Twinkling since morning.
Other millions of stars
Conceal in blue sky.
©®Saraswati Poswal

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