Giuliana Cecilia Piovan (Italy)

Giuliana Cecilia Piovan (Italy)
Giuliana Cecilia Piovan, high-level Italian poet and writer, cultural and social activist, reserved and very jealous of her writings, only thanks to the insistence of her son publishes her first book in 2021″“Gocce di Amina” by the Bellici publishing house, A collection of poems and scattered thoughts, as the writer herself defines them, in a mixture of intimacy, depth, sensuality and spirituality.
She is written in the Golden Roll of contemporary poets, writers and artists of Cefalù Art, winner of the web competition prize of the ITALIAN LITERARY CENACLE 2020.
A Holy flame
With patience and with the inner light,
With a love,
With courage and wonder,
With a holy flame,
I burned the pain.
I saw it melting as glowing as lava,
And it bend over,
Adapting my values,
Adapting to my willing,
Designed and shaped,
Conquered and dominated…
Or maybe it’s just forgiven.
Love is a holy flame.
Everything passes
With time goes by,
The wounds dry up,
The memories get wilt,
Lips smile…
Everything passes my friend,
Also life goes by,
It worth to have a nap!
And let time heals you,
From the wind,
From the word,
From the world,
From nothing,
Looking out…
Because it is too tight inside!
We missed the sunsets
We missed the auroras
They won’t come back
What excuse will we say?
We were distracted,
too busy,
too confused or angry?
We missed the full moon
or the sun hidden behind the roofs of buildings suffocated by traffic.
Yet the sunset was there
Will the sun forgive us for ignoring it?
Or taken for granted?
Will the wind forgive us for not having perceived it, smelled it, lived it?
I do not believe.
Nobody will forgive us and nobody will come back.
My shadow has no heart
it feels no love nor pain,
it feels no love nor pain,
gray follows me,
it precedes me,
it hides and has no heart,
its not afraid of the dark because it merges with it,
it does not fear the light because it dominates it,
it has no fear or courage,
it has no pride nor audacity,
it feels no love nor pain,
my shadow has no heart.
I want to be shadow …
and cancel me in the black night,
shadow that stretch in the immense sunsets,
adorable shadow under the atrocious sun.
Shadow without heart or pain.

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