O THE LIMIT OF LOVE, MY ONLY LOVE!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
He said to her:
O you exceptional woman, with your beauty and charm
Your morning is hope, happiness and contentment
Your morning is an orchard of roses, flowers and fragrances
All your times, are purple bouquets I love and Jasmine’s bunches I adore!!
O you exceptional woman, with your morals and characters
Your last message burst my heart with longing and nostalgia for you
Since then, your spectrum did not leave my imagination
Used to caress my dreams and dance on the passions of my heart
O you exceptional woman, the descendant of roses and rubies
Do not ever prolong your absence or decrease your love to me
Listen to my warm whispers tickling your feelings
Listen to my heart beating with love to you
O you exceptional woman, whose nostalgia is all around
Awaiting you in the agony of a longing lover
I made my feelings a ladder for you to ascend
My fragrant whispers carried all the warmth to you
To extinguish the thirst of your hungry heart
I am missing you honey…I am missing you more and more!!
So many kisses to you and as them flowers to you too
Do you think this has some impact on your heart?
She replied him saying:
O the limit of love, all love and my only love
Your words are still having the impact and the influence
More than you and I may think or expect
May God bless you and all your steps in life
Many thanks for your good taste and your sublime kindness
Thanks in the size of all the epics in all languages
They control our presence here, there and everywhere
To remain together and no one dares to disturb us
So please stop pushing me and take it easy with me
Then I can be able to keep up with you
To respond to you and your satisfaction too
God bless you, me and our exceptional love!!

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