Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
The hunger that hunts,haunts and hounds men,
Is an order offered by design of golden calf’s mounted on clubism,
The uprooted, segregated and imprisoned are fruits of faults of authoritarianism,
The warring, battling and dueling abroad the road of humanity,
Is cunning dressed in pity behind glee and commercialization.
Dirt no longer feeds all on equal bases or even phases,
Wrangling must have it’s say and bury masses before an aid bud is paid,
Home made disasters and broad band pestilences,
An Earth divided into bite size morsels to keep the worker lean,
Before pensioning him to a slow death crushed by less.
While all along, entertainment keeps it’s volume up,
To rob us of momentary reflections.
Paying obeisance to systems that long lost touch with light.
Perhaps the stuff of birth of a genre that writes what is unreadable,
Urging the dead to resurrect themselves.
Eyes have imprints, as ears do portraits,
Of sounds and signs of roots deep and terrains diverse,
Graduates of diversity, and singular indoctrinations,
Out of ignorance sometimes a view takes a bend,
Out of calculation other times an entire life is bent,
Birthing the debates of belief’s and inherited schooling,
However, and this be a fact,
Learning is progress, unlearning can salvage from the school of masked tutorials,
That teach men the sheep doctrine of mutton and fleece,
It’s called purposefully asking why,
Commoditized state of business of empires is,
You are human for a reason.
You owe you!
To all given, earned or not,
I come bearing me,for that’s all there is.
A taker drawing free breath feeding on Earth’s grain,
A seeker battling the how’s and the why’s of being,
A sister, mother and neighbor briming with more questions than answers.
Reflecting on personal pulses and pauses,
Journaling stakes of low and high,
Incomplete missionary dealing daily trials and temptations.
Spending a breary minute to seek the Sky’s map and chart.
A single entity in a multiple existence,
A child still in the turning wheels of eternity.
For this spot given to be, feel and experience,
I raise a song of gratitude up into the realms of mystery,
Lending this tune and tempo to the universe,
Knowing what goes out, like tides must come back,
Doing my small. Lighting my small. Loving my small. Enriching the ALL.
Green foliage and bounty harvest,
Dark clouds birthing a Storm,
The glow of a shy bride,
The hurried step of one with a Departed mind,
Bar bubble and beach bliss.
Words jumbled in jubilation.
Color. Emotions.
Fright and scream and frozenness.
Surprise pleasant.
Adrenaline dealing a crises.
Pacing. Nail biting. Sighs in waiting.
Hope in prayers said in a quacking heart
Color. Emotions.
Interchangeably. Separately.
It’s the variance of the variety that speaks plainly in earth’s colors.
Even ashen has it’s statement.
Pallid too.
Nothing means nothing.
Even void has it’s story,
For all are children of dreams and colors.
©Nancy Ndeke

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