BIRLAND (Part 1) / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Part 1
“B I R L A N D
don’t be without us”
an utter of loss…
Africa, the cradle of humanity;
Emir found your last country,
within your territory,
Bound by its border,
bedecked by golden dunes,
this pastureland of golden sand
is the new state in our hands.
Your forgotten children
Desolate in the long well
a land called “Bir Tawil”.
Birland, the land
for the stateless refugees
in the arid land and wilderness,
under the open cold night sky, and
days with maddening scorching heat.
Soon, pearls of joy will gaily kiss your cheeks.
“We, the original inhabitants,
have laid our hands upon this land!
O Sudan, O Egypt!
O Africa, our dear Motherland!
Do not leave without us, Birland”!
Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad
February 27, 2021

One thought on “BIRLAND (Part 1) / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

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