DEAD AND BLESSINGS / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Some things don’t take my sleep
and I don’t even need to think too much.
These are ideas
that stuck to my skin a long time ago
and it’s been days
when trying to pull them out,
I realized
that they had passed into the blood
by osmosis.
The approaching day of the dead
triggered this feeling.
Right now I don’t know how to classify it.
It will be a feeling of repudiation,
of anger, of pity, of I don’t care?
But I know very well what motivates it.
The flowers cannot be missing in the graves
but they may be missing
from the tables of the living.
This is nonsense.
However who is hollow,
need to continue to live by appearance,
of looking good, of looking beautiful.
So much hypocrisy,
dressed in mouldy and rotten cloths,
whose surface is covered with plastic stone.
I’m not one to give flowers to the dead.
I don’t condemn whoever does it,
I just defend my point of view.
it’s the living who need bread and love
Nobody makes me do anything.
I always act accordingly
with my conscience
regardless if I have to collide with
your convenience and your interest.
The only concession I make myself
are the flowers on the day of the burial,
because I see them as a farewell.
I love to give flowers to the living
and the prettier the better!
During life, flowers are scarce,
after death, flowers abound.
I mean that in life
there is no affection, love, a kiss, a hug,
a tender look, a sweet word.
Missing pampering!
People forget to be kind…
After dead,
especially on Hallowmas
is a rush to graveyards,
with armfuls of flowers,
so that on All Souls’ Day
the graves are flowering.
The ones that are not
they don’t get rid of criticism.
Who are you going to give the flowers to?
To the dead?
They no longer thank you,
no longer feel the affection,
they no longer need them.
I don’t believe in this affection,
it’s an ingrained habit
in popular tradition.
Are you going to give them
to the People’s tongue?
Of course, to continue to feed evil.
The people’s tongue has no bones…
Hopefully in the future
one day without an appointment
the people are all cremated.
Will benefit the planet
and generations to come.
Blessed are those who see
beyond what the eyes see.
Blessed are those
who are above gossip
and of intrigue.
Blessed are those
who stand out for their kindness.
Blessed are those
that light the way of others.
Blessed those who came to teach us.
In good and bad there is a lesson.
Blessed are the possessors
of an empathetic mind
that dances the waltz with the heart!
©Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

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