Mahira Nagi gizi Huseynova (Azerbaijan)

Mahira Nagi gizi Huseynova (Azerbaijan)
(Azerbaijan, pseudonym Mahira Nagy gizi; November 4, 1960, Sust, Nakhchivan AR) – Azerbaijani philologist, doctor of philological sciences, professor, researcher, famous poet. Dean Philological Faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (2018-2021), Vice-Rector for International Relations of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.
(from April 2021)
Mahira Huseynova was born on November 4, 1960 in the village of Sust, Babek region, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. According current situation her family move to the village Khalkhal, and in 1968 she entered the first grade of the eight-year secondary school in the village Khalkhal. Then the family left this village and came to Baku, village Novkhani and she finished school in Baku. After finishing school Mahire Nagi qizi entered the philological faculty of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute named after V.I. Lenin ( nowadays Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University , and graduated with honors this institute in 1984.
Her creative life began from students years. During these years she was rewarded the Best Teacher of the Year” ; medal of professional educational worker; laureate of Golden Pen; laureate of the “Scientist of the Year” Media Award.
Mahire Nagi qizi is the author of 11 chosen works,27 scientific works, 14 literary works. Besides these 27 songs had been composed to her poems.
4 of November Mahire Nagi qizi celebrates her 61 springs of her life. We wish her health and success…like the ocean … and present one of her poems.
You … would be…
I would be the sultan of love
Beloved , if you would be my decree
If grief would take a soul
You would be my only remedy .
If they would throw me out of the mountain… rock
Or would join me to slaves …
If they would sold me as a slave
You would be my ruler
It wouldn’t be morning without hope,
Fate is merciless… without the hope
If I would be unbelieving and merciless…
You would be my believing and faith.
My mom , daughter of Dereleyez
As star … was born in Khalkhal …
If the regret’s ice … would melt
You … would be my beloved.
It was said… world is mortal …
Feeling got old in me.
My way is … to the heavens,
You … would be my heaven.
World was bigger with its brave,
Brave … is bigger than his grief.
Hopeless fate … is the heavy load
You … would be my last hope.
Nagi qizi …my four brothers,
My son … is my jewel…
Mom … you are my intimate…
You … would be my oath.
Translated by Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi
Doktor Philosophy on Philology
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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