Isaac Cohen (Israel)

Isaac Cohen (Israel)
Isaac Cohen was born in Beer- Sheva, Israel, in 1960.
Now he live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. His mother Mazal Cohen was a teller folk stories.
He received B.A. with Distinction in History from “Ben Gurion Univercity, Beer-Sheva, Israel.
He published a book ” The moment of silence”, 1983.
He was a prose, poet ,translate, artist , painter. He published his work in Hebrew, un anthologist and important newsletter : ” eiton 77″, ” apirion” ,” dimui”, “mabua”, ” maut” .
He was studied with Amos Oz , Yehuda Amichai, Dan Tzalka. He won a price in important competition:
He won a prize in Connection competition, “Free Mason, Tel-Aviv,1986.
He won second prize in competition for Anniversity 50 to Israel land,
Voices group of TEL- Aviv poetry,1998.
He won an honorable certificate at “The Miriam Lindberg Competition for Peace.”,1998.
He won a price in “mifal hapise from poetry” in 2002.
He won an honor certifiate from: “International award of excellence “City Of GALATEO-Antonio De Ferrariis”, Roma,Italy,2021.
He was a manager of club logic puzzles in website “Motke .
He was author of a new hershlle jukes.
His poems translated to Spanish, Russian, Tamil, Philippine Italian Polish, Romanian, Indian, Hebrew.
He is a veteran member in “Voices” Israel group of poets in English.
He publish a lot of poems In “voices newsletter-Israel group of poets in Enflis
In anthologist : ATUNIS”, “Voices”, “Determination two”, Under the Azure Sky.
He participated in many international festival of poetry reading.
He participated in literature show in Radio internet “UMRO”,Umamus al mundo radio online in Mexico.
He was a member in the group “Poets Without Border ” in facebook.
He is active culture in Israel.
You’re Too Young to Die
The bombs fell and fell.
Blood was shed like a waterfall.
All bullets were finished at the guns.
Soldiers fought with bare hands.
Two soldiers remained,
Preparing to fight.
Suddenly, one screamed:
“You’re too young to die!”
The other replied:
“You have never even shaved yet.”
They dropped the fight.
“Do you know about Prince Hamlet?”
“Do you know about King Lear?”
They took a bag with
A bottle of water, some food,
And left the battleground.
They wandered a long time until they saw
A small spring with some fruit trees.
They washed their bodies and fell asleep.
In their dreams two muses came by
And they all flew far away together.
In the morning they heard voices of herds of sheep.
The youthful shepherds greeted them.
They taught the shepherds to read and write.
The youthful shepherds gave them food and clothes.
They married the two muses and they all
lived happily ever after.
16.7.2020 Tel Aviv
©All Rights Reserved

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