HASAN MIRZOYEV : THE MEANING OF HIS LIFE – Article by Mahire Nagi kizi / Translated by Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi

February 25 – it was already six years have passed since the death of Professor Hasan Mirzoyev.This is the story of the physical absence of a person ,with whom you meet every day, who hasn’t lost his interest to life , even in the most difficult moments of his health. This is the serious period of time,not only for him, but also of the people,who lived like that.I remember one of Albert Einstein’s aphorisms,who has logic and intelligence for our time, about people and society.He said: “Life is sacred”.This is the highest value, to which all other values obey.The meaning of human life ca Perhaps, It feels subjective elements in my thoughts, and it should be noted , that these thoughts are true, and all these are about my uncle, brother of Nazli khanum, about Hasan Ibrahim oglu Mirzoyev.
He was the dearest person of our family. His conversation was very interesting for everyone. And one of his stories I told to my schoolmates,then I was at school, which situated in the village Khalkhal. Those time Hazan Mirzoyev was just only uncle for our.n be only measured by the role,which plays in the lives of other people.”
Later, when I was a student, I got acquainted with his scientific works, with the researching branches, with the results of these scearching, clarifying the most controversial problems of Azerbaijani linguistics, and felt that, I had just got acquainted with the full portrait of the scientist-linguist – Hasan Mirzoyev. It was a portrait of a hard-working man who had a productive scientific career, who tried to leave his mark on the science he was in love with, and who continued to follow in his footsteps, even though, he succeeded.
Professor Hasan Mirzoyev was founded the school of verb spelling in Azerbaijani linguistics, wrote monographs, scearched many problems (verb adjective, verb influence category, etc.) of Türkology for 150 years and put an end to controversy. As you know, verbs in the Azerbaijani language differ from other parts of speech by the richness, diversity and, most importantly, the individuality of their lexical-semantic, morphological, syntactic, stylistic, phonetic, phraseological, etymological features. In addition, one of the characteristic features of verbs is that, they saved preserve national identity and ancient types of language. This is because, we are still seeing more intense discussion and scientific debate about verbs in our linguistics.
Regardless of what problem Professor Hasan Mirzoyev worked on, his scientific works don’t consist only of the results of his scearchings facts and his impressions of linguistic facts. He analyzes facts, rich linguistic material, which collects in the form of a single system, based on establishing principles, and in some cases, he disagrees with reasoning and opinions in scientific and theoretical literature, but makes conclusions from his critical judgments. Among the interesting problems, that he interested in, we observe the methodology of searching, collecting facts and working on these facts in one of his works on oral folk literature, more precisely, on examples of ashug literature.
Azerbaijani ashugs and folk poets, Azerbaijani folk epics, the greatest representatives of Azerbaijani ashug literature, as well as countless examples of modern ashugs and folk poets are scearched to the depths of historyof our ancient history, following the history of our names and their etymology. We got acquainted with Azerbaijani ashug poetry and join the history of our language based on Ganja, Ordubad, Nakhchivan, Derbent, Shamakhi, Sheki, Savalan, Shamkir, Yerevan, Gazakh, Goycha, Karabakh, Daralayaz, Caucasus and other place names. Thus, Hasan Mirzaev’s views on ethnonyms of Turkic origin and toponyms formed on the basis of these ethnonyms are as convincing as they are scientific.
Hasan Mirzoyev, continuing this series of rescearches, created the following works of great scientific importance, which required amazing work. In his authoritative monographs “Toponyms and dialect words of Daralayaz”, “Daralayaz folklore”, “Daralayaz region of Western Azerbaijan” (encyclopedic information), “Toponyms and dialect words of Daralayaz region” professor gave impetus to scientific research on a similar theme. Among these searches, a special place is occupied by the exploring of toponyms in Western Azerbaijan. Patriotism was the main part of his life.He even described with great love his love for the Motherland in his poem under the name “Daralayaz”.
“You are my mother ,I am your child
Hug me… Daralayaz…
History is witness , that this land is ours ,
Take revenge from hays … Daralayaz …
Throw them in the frost, on the storm, in the valley …
Take care of my land, Daralayaz …
Grief has already getting … to the thron
Mountains of my heart … on cross ,
My heart is raging and burning.
You write , this , to the history, Daralayaz …
Dig up the grave of the enemy, Daralayaz …
Let saz clamoring in my soul, Daralayaz …
I am flaming , burnnng from your longing ,
Remembering you … day and night ,
You … burn , burn … from this longing
Let stream flows on you … Daralayaz.
Take Hasan Mirza too, Daralayaz …
Daralayaz… Daralayaz…
Nightingales don’t fly in your garden …already,
Your grief , pain don’t stop … your longing don’t end.
Your scream , your screech don’t reach anywehere …
Became from the grief to the arrow , hey …Daralayaz …
There is no power on body, hey… Daralayaz…
I remembering you …hey … Daralayaz…
Enemy expel us to the wasteland
Oh … my lakes were left without swan ,
My youth, my memory stayed on you
Year passes very hard … Daralayaz…
Let wind , takes your smell … Daralayaz…
Remove … the grief from my heart …Daralayaz .
My suffering, satisfying garden of paradise … you are …
You are my doctor, healer and rescuer…
I willn’t give you to anyone, you are my own land
Hasan Mirza will come … be patiently … Daralayaz .
Crushing the head of the enemy … Daralayaz …
Walk ….walk … on your expelled land … Daralayaz …
You are my mother…my garden of paradise…
You are my land…home …and the crown…
You my soul ,my blood, and jugular vien …
You are my mountain pride …ah Daralayaz…
You are my native land … ah Daralayaz…
You are my motherland … ah Daralayaz.
Give me back … my homeland … give me back … oh my God …
My motherland … my home … give me back … oh my God …
I turned into an arrow of longing …
Save me from this pain … oh my God…
Oh my God …… oh my God …! “
I can talk about the creation of Hasan Mirzoyev for months and years, he has always been the son , who loves his people and his homeland.He died on February 25, 2015 and was buried in the 2nd Alley of Honor in Baku.This was the last and eternal path of the Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan Republic , Public Person Hasan Ibrahim oglu Mirzoyev.
I would like to end with the words of one of the world’s greatest geniuses, Albert Einstein: “The meaning of human life can only be measured by the role it plays in the others life “and with my poem ,which dedicated to Hasan Mirzoyev : “Hasan Mirza lives”
“It does not say that we have seen these months without him.
Hasan Mirza lives on our face.
It is neighter secret, no wisdom,
That Hasan Mirza lives hundered for hundreds
His voice is going away,
His land is Azerbaijan- here and there.
His nest is on the voluems
On the words Hasan Mirza lives.
The book was light – he admired,
He couldn’t oppress –neighter tired.
Dereleyes – said,moaned on the grief,
Eleyes – where Hasan Mirza lives.
It was said – handson, native son,
It waa said- never left alone the man.
It was said – father,brother, uncle him.
Hasan Mirza lives on flat and montain.
Mam Nazli,lessly burst into flame,
Talk to those who make name.
If you ask from the thousands,
It waa said: Hasan Mirza lives in us.
Everybody who knows him that , he was brave,
He was thrifty, greatful for bread,
He took away drowsiness with his “Dilqam”
Hasan Mirza lives in the string of saz.”
Translated by Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi
Doctor Philosophy on Philology
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.


Author of the article : Mahire Nagi kizi, Azerbaijani philologist, doctor of philological sciences, professor, researcher, famous poet. Dean Philological Faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University , Vice-Rector for International Relations of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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