Antje Stehn (Germany)

Antje Stehn (Germany)
Antje Stehn, born in Germany, resides in Italy. Poet, visual artist, video producer, art curator.
Since 1990 she has been showing her work in a number of international exhibitions around Europe and the US. At the moment she is curating the international art-poetry project “Rucksack a Global Poetry Patchwork”.
She is part of the international Collective “Poetry is my Passion” which is operating in Milan and organizes transcultural events for the promotion of language and cultural diversity.
She is editing the international poetry voice “Milano, una città mille lingue” for the poetry magazine TamTamBumBum and is co-editor in the latin-american Blog Los Ablucionistas and the Blog Teerandaz in Bangladesh.
She is member of the scientific committee of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia of Piacenza, Italy.
That old wall
impossible to climb over
did not collapse
they sold it piece by piece
concrete slabs demolished
exhibited as trophies in museums
while the fragments
bloody gadgets
are dispersed throughout the world
and multilpy like
a terrible wart infection.
Is removal the first step to denial?
The need to forget the horror
to remove painful memory
seems natural.
But isn’t there a clear distinction
between lying down and standing?
Submitting to the force of gravity
and following the principle of inertia
or using your strength for
not falling
are victims allowed to forget?
The dandelions stand proudly
on the traffic islands
surrounded by noisy aerias
of frenetic transition
I meet them crouching
at the visual level of dogs
clusters of rays filter
between soft tissue paper stems
everything is floating like foliage
in the light-shadow game
of a magical forest
thin and light
almost transparent
the sphere of radiant seeds
filled with infinite possibilities
a breath of wind is enough
for new life in the cracks
of everydayness
This is my Komorebi
a drug of happiness
made in Japan
freely available
on every street corner
at every hour.

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