BLUE PHOENIX / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
I rise and rise from the ashes
Not as dust motes
Not as dry leaves
Not as scattered flakes
But as a phoenix turned eagle
With my fervent pain to foment
The wilted spirit to a rising star….
The cinders trampled
The embers crushed
Into the riotous flowing volcano
My eruption my liberty
Ether of my torment
River of my wrenched aching life
Rumbling along jagged rocks
In crying ebullience to the sea…..
The fiery splendour
Ignites my feverish
flapping wings in the inferno
Inflates my flight tenfold
With flames of searing agony
With raging tongues
Of inspiring distress
Till I fly across the azure unbound……
Throbbing pinions of anguish
Limitless expansive trauma
My mobilizing freedom
Blooming crackers of torpedo
Soaring to the utmost crescendo
As I rise and rise
With my red wings of fire and blood
Till I become
The bird of blue lava…..
@laksmisree banerjee
November 2021, Kolkata

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