After the Autumns / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
After the Autumns
We are the winner
after the Autumns in life,
have blown away our todays and almost our tomorrows,
For once, the color of my world is deep charcoal
of color dark smoke of burning incense.
The Adam’s and the Eve’s never knew what is paradise anymore.
To some, watches have stopped; their batteries have ended,
Heads all bowed down
as the days and nights have been taken cared of social media platforms.
And then;
Humanity emerged as champions,
Hopes peeping between windows and curtains,
of nights and mornings
That traverse so long and far beyond foreign borders.
No matter what happened,
Our lives are meant to live well.
Notwithstanding how many wings have been broken,
After all we are still declared the champion in this battlefield called life.
Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad

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