THE POWER OF POETRY” (POP) / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton
To express something from within, that resonates and touches so deep,
Created thoughts of multiple feelings, that are felt throughout and speaks,
To the heart and soul, of what one is going through or has already been,
Brought on by a spark, conversation,
Love or suggestion from a friend;
It could be compassionate with happiness, making you feel alive,
It could be from a broken place, full of despair and misery, feeling you died,
It could be Inspirating with motivation,
being a voice for the voiceless,
It could touch someone so significant,
making an impact and leaving them breathless;
Written from a pen, pencil or brush,
onto paper or canvas creating wordart,
Taking the scattered colors of life and emotions, so it becomes apart,
Of an individuals experience and expression, being felt so tangible,
Making a difference from a place that’s universal and expandable;
Coming from a place of creativity, expressed from the depths of the mind,
Echoed from personal perspectives,
that could last the tests of time,
You may never know the impact of self expression flowing free,
Giving hope and enlightenment, from The power of poetry.
Inspirated from Devin Wayne DeLoso

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