Prof. Dr. Devendra Shukla (India)

Prof. Dr. Devendra Shukla (India)
A Poet, Professor & HOD, Department of Information & Language Technology , Central Institute of Hindi
Journey in Silence
Intense river of ice
I feel around me
All the time ..
And suddenly
I freeze my identity..
As if constrained tightly
Some times a trace of life
Flickering in me, I feel..
And..I shudder…
The stony ice
Becomes fossils for me,
Some times it takes
A form of soil ,
Eaten by white ants.
When I press my
Ice -covered clothes ..
There oozes, such strangeness ,
That my ground becomes black
Out of my own dejection ,
Lonely mind in crowd ,
Creating suffocating solitary..
Living life in every moment
But also dying simultaneously.,
For that moment…
Just like a spider,
Weaving two types of threads ..
I become trapped In my own web..
Silently..Leaves fall from the tree..
also I.
In the moment of Haste
There must
be the
moment of existence
Of consciousness ..
time & Space
I transcend
from the suchness..,
Of my reality
Is there any suddenness ?
In the journey of
The Infinite?
And find
My self
There non existent.

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