ENLIGHTNED WINTER / Poem by Mar Thieriot

Poem by Mar Thieriot
After those happy days
Immersed in the winter light
Multiplying pictures of a white landscape
An extreme cold pushed me to rest
Since a week I hibernate
Painful drowsy
Write you is a fire proof
Thoughts float
as a nostalgic melody
Watch the snow
Through a window
As a forbidden place
Awaiting strong forces
to come back
Alive in slow motion
Expected projects
In empty hands
As days pass by
Remain unrealised
The limit posed by the cold weather
The limit posed by the slow body
The limit posed by life
Smile to all this
Declare my fever and my love
Look at the trees
And at their empty branches
Let spring happens in my heart
Time after time…
Mar Thieriot all rights reserved 2018

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